• Society

    Did you know that 120 million Europeans have never had access to a computer and another 121 million are on the verge of poverty which restricts their opportunities? In the segment of society we look into the issue of Digital Inclusion.

  • Employers

    It is no surprise to anyone that the economic crisis has deeply impacted organizations. We look at how organizations can get the most out of their existing and new employees through careful investment in their IT competencies.

  • Work Force development & Re-skilling

    Workforce development and re-skilling of unemployed individuals is a vital area of investment for governments to make in times of high un-employment. We look into programs that will make the un-employed valuable future employees in either the public or private sector.

  • Academia

    We focus on competences in different area’s for students in primary, secondary, higher education and vocational education. With youth unemployment being one of the major concerns in Europe, we look at the challenges, competency gaps and actions that will make youth more competent, attractive and competitive for their future careers.

Learn. Prepare. Validate. Succeed.

About E-SCN

The European Skills & Certification Network (E-SCN), based in Copenhagen, has recently been founded and is comprised of a Pan-European group of member organizations who all have something in common; Technology and Education! We live and breath it, and believe that these two area’s are vital regardless of the target audience. Whether you are young or old; privileged or under privileged; a student; part of the workforce; unemployed; retired or disabled; a combination of education and technology will empower you!

We focus on skills and validation of these skills through official and globally recognized certification programs in various technologies. We also create awareness on innovative educational products which may not have a subject focused on technology, but is taught through technology. Take a look through the programs that we believe in!

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